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Discover culture of Ukraine together with a new coloring from O’Kroshka

Do you and your child travel often? Does your child know how to go through the passport control? Is he able to ask a European for the direction to the museum? Is he being confused with a native citizen while you are enjoying sandy beaches of Cyprus? Well, he definitely has something to brag to his friends and classmates! However, what does he know about his own country? Has he ever wondering around old fortresses? Has he visited residences of famous writers? Has he tried traditional Ukrainian cuisine, except borsch and varenyky? Does he familiar with the history of Ukraine and is able to distinguish a real Cossack from a swaggerer?

If your answer is "no” to most of the questions above, it means it is just time to introduce to your child the culture and traditions of his home country! If you think he has missed too much, do not worry – we made sure the acquaintance will be fun and colorful! That is why we have created coloring “Ukraine”. Compact size, affordable price and safe transportation! This colouring is an enjoyable gift not only to your child but also to your friends who live abroad.

Go to our online store and discover the beauty and uniqueness of Ukraine!

Date: 03.09.2020