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O’Kroshka congratulates everyone on the Independence Day of Ukraine!

Strong and unbreakable, sincere and amazing, hospitable and boundless, formed with ages of wars and stoicism of her people, immense and unique. She is a symbol of freedom, faith in a better and in the invincibility of soul. She is a source of our life, uncertain steps and important words. She is imprinted in our hearts despite the difficulties she has to go through for decades. She is Ukraine!

The team of O’Kroshka congratulates you on the Independence Day of Ukraine! We wish you a creative inspiration, strong health and family comfort. May every day be full of sun, smiles and pleasant meetings. Take care of yourselves and your loved once, appreciate every minute, do everything so there is always a peaceful sky over your country.

There is no problem that could break us as we are the one!

Happy Independence Day dear Ukrainians! Happy Independence Day dear Ukraine!

Date: 24.08.2020